Aquarius Hot Tub Service and Sales, repairs all makes and models of Hot Tubs, Spas and Jetted Bathtubs. We offer a written quote prior to commencing service plus a 90-day warranty on all repair and parts. Manufacturer warranties may extend beyond our 90-day warranty period.  Call for an estimate  303-406-8989.

Shell Maintenance and Repair  >  Call to Discuss Your Needs

  • Crack repair and sealing
  • Jet replacement
  • Pillow replacement
  • Rebuild cracked tubs

Cover Repair and Sales  >  New Covers Start at $360

As one of the region’s top rated cover sales companies, we can help you repair or replace your cover, no matter the model or age of your hot tub.

  • New Covers, made to order, any size
  • A dozen colors to choose from
  • Cover repair (stitching, crack repair, rips)
  • Cover lift installation (bar style, shocks, compression)
  • Cleaning and rejuvenation

Refurbishment Services  >  Call to Discuss Your Needs

  • Inspect motors and pumps for proper operation.
  • Inspect the heater, gaskets and pump seal connections.
  • Inspect the o-ring connections on all plumbing unions to prevent leaks.
  • Start-up (repair and replace equipment, pumps and covers that have been in storage or not in use)
  • Shut-down / winterize hot tubs
  • OEM and generic parts – replace missing or damaged parts with new or reconditioned
  • Source unique parts and filters (knobs, handles, jets, pillows)
  • Frozen repairs – leak detection and repair
  • Emergency services (includes chemical balance, hot tub fill and drain, freeze prevention, lights and heaters)
  • Rebuild or repair cabinet (fill in holes and foam, paint, buff, sand)

Leak Detection, System Diagnosis  >  $130.00 an hour

Hot Tub Repair Service and Labor  >  $130.00 an hour

Moving and Haul-Away   >  Starting at $350 per hot tub, based upon size, location and distance

Monthly Service and Maintenance   >  Call for Recommendation and Pricing

  • Scrub surfaces – both interior and exterior shell
  • Balance chemicals using customer’s preferred method (bromine, chlorine, shock and mineral sticks)
  • Visual check of exterior cabinet for damage.
  • Visual check for leaks in plumbing and shell; provide repair options.
  • Check hot tub control panel for any visible damage and proper operation
  • Check hot tub shell, and components for any visible damage or leaks.
  • Check hot tub cabinet for any visible damage
  • Check hot tub cover for tears or damage
  • Drain and fill once a season

Drain and Clean  >  $220.00 (flat-rate)

  • Chemically clean and flush water which sanitizes pipes and jets
  • Drain and sanitize tub shell and filter
  • Clean exterior cabinet
  • Clean Cover
  • Refill tub and chemically balance water to customer’s chemical treatment preference